European Union quiz: THE WINNERS ARE…

European Union quiz:  THE WINNERS ARE…

 More than 60 pupils tried to answer the quiz during the European week.

Congratulations to Louise Petit et Camille Urbain whose answers were 100 % correct.

Both win a cinema ticket kindly offered by the FSE.

The answers are:

  1. The city where the European Commission is located in BRUSSELS in Belgium.
  1. The role which is not a role of the European Commission is to vote the laws (it is the European Parliament’s role).
  1. The assembly which is elected by the European citizens is the European Parliament.
  1. The European deputee coming from Poitou Charentes is Elisabeth Morin-Chartier.
  1. The most important values of the EU to the pupils of ourschool, are :
  • Freedom, equality and democracy.