Global Warming

In the world, the food comes mainly from countries who product in large quantities. Only, the issue is that the transport is long, it’s expensive.

Besides, the producers are forces to put pesticides on fruits and vegetables in order to don’t expire before arrival in the requesting countries.

There is an other problem, we don’t make work producers of our country. So, in our high school we have to decided to eat better and greener.

The lycee could buy to little market as La Belle Fermière. It is located in Ruelle-sur-Touvre.

Meals should be prepared in lycee with the chosen products by the self chef. That would work the people of region, product less petrol and eat better because there isn’t pesticides to fit food.

To bring products from foreign countries, everyone know that it pollutes enormously. That’s why we have to switch to a more local diet based on seasonal products.

To make it more fun, high school students will participate in the project. In fact, every friday the self chef, will put at the door of the self a calendar with the organic products that the La belle fermière will have.

The calendar will also be on LOL. Students will be able to check off the foods they wish to have and propose a menu ( with his food ) for the week.

Moreover, a group of students will be formed like the CVL. And they can accompany the self chef to the La belle fermière. This will make them aware of the work of small producers.

This project would make what is on your plate more ecological and therefore reduce global warming.

For euro class

Sarra B

Manon H