The Commonwealth Games

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The Commonwealth, when English meets sports ! 

November, 15th, 2019

The last Commonwealth games, we finally reached the 9 Millions of spectators !

What are these games and why are they becoming famous ?

The Commonwealth is a union of 53 countries which are old english colonies.

In 1930 was the first edition of the championship but with another name : « games of the empire » . The competition changed its name in 1978 and became « the commonwealth games ».These 53 countries compete during 10 days every 4 years like olympic games.

There are 23 sports proposed in these games like athletics, boxing and basketball but also sports less famous as netball, which is like basketball. It oposes 2 teams of seven players. And like lawn bowls which came of England and is a game of bowls on the grass .

The last edition were in Gold coast (Australia) from the 4th to 15th of April 2018. Australia won these games with in total 188 medals (80 in gold, 59 in silver, 59 in bronze ). For example the athlete who caused sensation was the south African Caster Semanya who smashed the 800m Games record to become only the third woman in Commonwealth Games history to complete the 800 and 1500m double.  

The next edition will take place in Birmingham (England) from 27th of July to 7th of August 2022.

To your mind who will win the next games ? Which athletes will break records ?


The JAK’s Journal

The last Commonwealth Games

November, 29 th, 2019

Every four years take place the Commonwealth Games, around 6.000 athletes are a part of the Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth is a family of 53 countries from all over the world. They come from the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Europe, The Carrribeans and Americas. There are 2 billion people who live in the member countries. Most of the countries of the Commonwealth were one governed by Britain as part of the British empire. It is their common point ! The Commonwealth was created in 1931. Indeed, there are rich and poor countries, hundreds of langages are spoken, and they include all the world’s religions.

The Commonwealth Games are held every 4 years. The sports represented are for example netball or rugby. For the Commonwealth day on the 11th march, the government, schools and communities organise events for example « street parties ». The most important word of this organisation is « TOGETHER ».

The last Commonwealth Games took place in Gold Coast (Australia) from the 4 to the 15 of April of 2018. 71 delegations participed at that games. Australia won 198 medals, England 136 medals and India 66 medals. Netball is one of the 19th sports parcticed during the Comm

Games. It is a sport derived from basketball, is played by 14 players spread over two teams of 7 players, on a rectangular court divided into zones. Weightlifting is a sport that involves lifting weights. It is a strength Olympic sport that also requires a particular technique as well as speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.

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