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2 months in France (Lucy)

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February 12, 2020 I’ve noticed that over time, I have been able to understand and speak more french. I find it hard to understand classes, as everyone talks so fast, but at home and outside of classes I can participate in conversations. The science classes are the easiest for me (aside from english, of course) because scientific terms are very similar to their English translations. Sometimes, I can say an English word in a French accent and people will understand …..

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For euro class Fanny L. Mariana A.

Global Warming

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In the world, the food comes mainly from countries who product in large quantities. Only, the issue is that the transport is long, it’s expensive. Besides, the producers are forces to put pesticides on fruits and vegetables in order to don’t expire before arrival in the requesting countries. There is an other problem, we don’t make work producers of our country. So, in our high school we have to decided to eat better and greener. The lycee could buy to …..

Lucy visits La Rochelle

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Last weekend was very fun! I was sick on Friday, so I stayed home from school. On Saturday, I was feeling better and we left for La Rochelle. It was a two-hour car ride, so we found ways to entertain ourselves along the way. We sang along to songs from musicals, we watched movies, and we chatted. We arrived at a relative’s house around 14h, and ate lunch with some friends! After that, everyone went shopping. We spent a long …..

A little thirst ?

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 Use a metal bottle to drink not a plastic one ! Do you know that plastic bottles are both nasty for the environment and for your health ?  Indeed, even if plastic is recyclable, we know that a lot of plastics, like your plastic bottle, are rejected in the oceans, it even forms a continent! This is really nasty for the marine animals and also for the water. We also know that when we drink into a plastic bottle, we …..

Turn off your phone

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For Euro Class Séif Din Saad Ruben Appiotti

Emalee’s first week

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First week of class is over and I think it was a tiring week for Emalee, because when we were home she was very tired and during the weekend, she slept a lot. For me also this week was tiring because it was back-to-school after the Holiday. Le premier jour, nous sommes arrivées en avance au lycée, afin que nous rencontrions les tutrices d’Emalee et de Lucy, Meghane et Gervone. Puis, nous leur avons fait faire une visite du lycée. …..

My french penpal by Lucie

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I had never flown without my family before now, and I had never flown internationally. In other words, I was pretty nervous to fly to France! Once I got through customs and found Emalee at the gate, however, my anxiety disappeared. I was excited to begin my journey, and felt better with a friend who felt the same way! The seven-hour flight went smoothly, though I could not fall asleep. Note to self: Do not watch sad movies on planes …..

Ma correspondante américaine: début de l’aventure

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Echange Gould Academy/MDVJour J-1​“Le 28/12/19, 19h39:Nous sommes au restaurant avec Camille et ses parents, et j’ai déjà très hâte qu’Emalee arrive. Avec Camille nous sommes toutes folles et ne pouvons plus attendre. Je trépigne d’impatience depuis quelques jours déjà, et ce matin, je me suis levée très vite car je savais que c’était aujourd’hui le début de l’aventure !Le trajet à été assez long, même si festif et en chanson (#Disneysongs). Arrivés à l’hôtel, nous partons manger et passons une …..