Our trip to London!

We went to London a month ago. We stayed there for 5 days with our class of 1L2

First of all we did plenty of visits, we had visits each day. The first day we went to Camden Town to see all the beautiful shop windows. The second day we did the Queen Walk the morning, and London Dungeon the afternoon. The third day we went to the Harry Potter Studios all the day. We also did the Globe theatre, tate modern museum. And finally we did the Charles Dickens museum on the last day.

In addition to that, the evening, after the visit, we were staying in british families for the night. They had a completly different way of living. We ate different things and we discovered another part of London from the citizen’s point of view.

I think this trip was really interesting because I saw things that I didn’t see when I went to London by myself. It was really nice to discover London from another angle and to be a Londoner for a week. Eloise 1L2

Four weeks ago, I went to London with school. This trip was organized in order to practice English and to discover some important monuments and places. And I can say that it was one of the most incredible trips that I have done until now.

First, I will talk about the wonderful places. We visited some well-known like Picadilly Circus, which was so lively. We saw Big Ben, the Parliament and the london bridge. We also had the occasion to make some shopping, in Camden Town for example, and I admit that all the facades were so funny. We visited an art museum, the Tate Modern which was a strange experience, and a more classical museum, The National Gallery. I had the chance to see a Picasso painting and a Van Gogh painting, this impressed me so much ! My favourite moment was the Harry Potter’s studios.

On the one hand, the places were beautiful but on the other hand this is not the only reason why I liked this trip that much. It was a lively experience, because I was with some close friends, and it gave me the occasion to to be closer with some people in my class. It was also the occasion to put in practice all the things that I have learned in English. On top of that, we were in families, and mine was so carefull and nice !

To conclude, I would say that I really enjoyed this experience, and I hope that I will return to London one day to discover new things. Lauréline 1L2